The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Interior Design

The capital is a hubbub of activity for interior design and advice on how to change living spaces can be invaluable, but as many top interior designers london know, bad advice can lead to areas looking like the proverbial bomb has been dropped.

Therefore, it is only right to investigate the advice that should be taken and which advice should be ignored. Interior designers London have an interesting insight into how Interior Design London is best applied and how it should not be applied. London is a cosmopolitan capital and living spaces vary from canal boats to mansions! So taking concise and coherent interior design advice is imperative.

Bad Advice on Interior Design

Bad advice in relation to home improvement and interior design is like a bout of influenza; occasionally, everyone gets it. Sometimes you have to disregard the advice and go with your instinct, as bad advice can lead to future problems.

Below are pieces of advice that should definitely not be followed!

(1)Listening to love ones: This is something you most definitely do not have to do. Sometimes, mums, dads and other close relatively will ask you to go with a colour that they think is right for your living room, dining room etc. Essentially, listen to your own advice because if it does go wrong, at least you only have yourself to blame.

(2) Not listening to friends: Friends can be the givers of some amazing advice, but tastes vary greatly and taking interior design advice off a friend is often a big pitfall. Friends often go on their own likes and wants – go with your instinct and what best fits your living space.

(3)You don’t have to like granite: It is okay not to like granite. Although it has some prestige and aura around having it in living spaces, it is not the be all and end all of kitchen worktops. Having granite surfaces does not necessarily make you 10% better off than the Jones’s next door!

(4) Realizing that newer is not always better: When you go looking for pieces of furniture, new appliances or simple things to spruce up a living space, many opt for newer products. It is worth taking the time to look at appliances that have character and some history; you many also find you pick up a bargain!